1. Climate & soil
The Mátra wine region is one of the most northern in Hungary and since its climate is more balanced than those in more southern areas, the grapes ripen more slowly and evenly to the end. Thus a richness of flavours develops for the rosé which conserves its lively and refreshing acids. The south, southwestern and western aspect of the vineyards together with the lime nyirok clay bedrock with sandy loess soils help flavourful fruit aromas to develop.

2. The vineyards are in one plot
All our vineyards lie together so we are constantly able to observe the growth of the vines. This is important not only in terms of plant protection and leaf and bunch development, but it is also key to deciding the ideal time for the harvest – and this is essential in the case of case destined to become rosé. That the vineyards are in one place assists in more economical cultivation too, enabling us to provide wine lovers with wines at great value for money.

3. Varieties
The grape varieties we have growing at Nagygombos offer exciting opportunities for our rosés. So, alongside the classic Kékfrankos rosé, we make a blend that we create according to the conditions of the given vintage. In addition we also have varieties rare for Hungary such as the Burgundian Gamay Noir.

4. Openness
There are established way of making rosé in Hungary but we are open to experimentation. So we age some of the Gamay Noir Rosé in oak barrels as well as in stainless steel.

5. Time
It is important to give time to all the phases during making rosé. We do not rush the processes and so our rosés are released onto the market the spring after the harvest.

6. Naturalness
We strive for naturalness while making our wines, to put wine on our consumers’ tables with the least intervention and use of chemicals. Thus we use no additives, aromas or colours and we hold the most environmentally friendly sprays in the vineyard to be important.

7. Female winemaker
Fulsome fruitiness and refined details are what make a rosé truly great. We think this light elegance can be best achieved by a woman winemaker. The Nagygombos wines are made by Anna Takács-Barta with the help of Károly Vicián – both take rosé seriously and pay great attention to these wines.